Return of the Prodigal

As I’m about to round second base on my own life’s journey, it’s interesting to see how my children are progressing.  None of them have been particularly rebellious, but my oldest son has gone through nearly seven years of questioning his parents’ authority and the spiritual, moral, and ethical values we’ve taught him his entire life.  This summer, he’s come back from college with a brand new attitude, basically admitting he messed up and we had been right all along.

Cue father’s heart attack.

It’s difficult to stand back and watch one of your kids having to learn life lessons the hard way, but sometimes that’s the only way they will learn.  I’m just thankful he didn’t get into serious trouble along the way.  His was primarily a crisis of belief and conscience, and he’s come through it with a lot of maturity in the end.

He’s still got some rough edges, but I’m confident they’ll smooth out in time.  It’s another example of God’s faithfulness.  We put our kids in God’s hands when they were born, and He’s taken good care of them.  We’ve done the best we can trying to establish boundaries, keep the lines of communication open, and ensure our kids understand that we’ll always love them, but as flawed human beings we can only do so much, and the Bible is rife with examples of good parents with wayward children.

Now if we can just get him to stop trying to put his band back together.  I strive to not kill my children’s dreams, no matter how improbable, but if he waxes nostalgic one more time about the old days playing screamo music with his buds at the Montgomery U-Store-It, I swear I’m going for the wooden stake and vial of holy water.


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