Scribbler’s Scoreboard – May 08

May’s been a very busy month, writing-wise, facilitated by a very slow period at work. I’ve achieved an important goal and exceeded my own expectations by selling two pieces for (a very small amount of) real cash money. Next step is to make some more sales in several different markets to expand the ‘ol resume and gain visibility, always remembering to:

1. Have fun

2. Improve the quality and productivity of my writing

3. Keep my expectations realistic

So, for May ’08, here’s the breakdown:

5 May: “Cassandra’s Curse” semi-personal rejection from NewMyths, submitted to Reflection’s Edge

7 May: “Angel Wings” personal rejection from MindFlights, taken out of rotation for rewrite/reconceptualizing

7 May: “Intervention” sold to Sand – A Journal of Strange Tales (print), “A Taste of Honey” sent to Allegory

14 May: “Redemption” sold to Postcards From… (ezine), “The Devil’s Temp” sent to Kaleidotrope

20 May: “Cassandra’s Curse” form rejection from Reflection’s Edge

22 May: “The Time-Share” sent to Murky Depths, “Cassandra’s Curse” retitled “The Curse”, and sent to

update: and 29 May: “Our Lady of Chagrin” sent to Flash Fiction Online

“Belphemor’s Minion” is still awaiting a response from The Town Drunk. A longer wait seems to be a good sign with this market, but they’re also on a publishing hiatus until September, though they’re still soliciting submissions. We’ll see.

“A Taste of Honey” is likewise still awaiting a response from Allegory.


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