Articles of Confrederation

“What’s it for? Is that what you want to know? What is this all about?
You don’t know? Everything in the heavens is here…Moving… as the heavens move. This is how to know when…that’s what.”

— Aughra, The Dark Crystal

Frankly, I don’t really know what it’s all about.  A blog has to be one of the world’s most self-indulgent activities, a sort of everyman’s vanity press that provides the means to bloviate at length on any topic imaginable, then dump that mental jetsam onto a global audience in the blink of an eye.

Why add my personal load to this virtual midden?

1. I like to write

2. I organize my thoughts better in print than on the fly in verbal conversation, so I find I have better face-to-face interaction with people when I’m writing a lot.

3. I’m feeling the need for something more than a diary and less than a syndicated newspaper column.

Hmm…still sounds like it’s all about me. 

Anyhow, whatever this is will move all over the celestial map, though, unlike Aughra’s Orrery, I guarantee it won’t predict the future or save the world.  Stream of consciousness, no cause, no agenda, no method to my madness.  I’ll probably make some observations about whatever happens to be on my mind on a given day.  I may write a little serial fiction and post it here.  I won’t indulge in lengthy commentary on politics or economics, because, frankly, I find these topics boring in the extreme.  I’ll probably talk about my family, religion, and philosophy, because I care about these things.  I enjoy books, movies, and gadgetry, so they’ll probably find a place here as well.

I also invite polite comments, as that transforms this activity from a monologue to a dialogue and makes me think more critically about what I’m saying.  I’m wary of compliments and have been beaten up by experts, so there’s little threat of giving me a swelled head or sending me to my bedroom in tears.

Furthermore, I guarantee no Top Ten lists or pictures of my dog.

Forward the Frederation!

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